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What is Japan AV

  • Japan AV stand for Japanese Adult Video starring by the japan famous pornstar.
  • Most of our title (95%) are censored, except those mention uncensored in the notes.


  • Minimum Order is US$40
  • Maximum Order is US$100
  • DVD $8.00 : Average 2 hours , maximum 4 hours.
  • Double DVD title is $12.00, around 4 hours length.
  • Single VCD Title $4.00 : 1 hour length
  • Double VCD Title $8.00 : 2 hours length
  • AXXX = A stand for VCD series
  • DXXX = D stand for DVD series


  • All order will ship within 36 hours after payment received
  • $5.00 International Flat Shipping to any countries.
  • Delivery will take about 10-15 working days.


  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express.
  • We don't accept cash, money order or western union.
  • Credit Card detail will handle securely through SSL encryption secure server

How to play the movie

  • All DVD is region free and can play on both PC & DVD Players.
  • We only guarantee the very old title in VCD format can play on your computer, DVD have no problem play with your dvd player.

How can I play it on my computer

  • Windows : Windows Media Player, PowerDVD, VLC Player, etc
  • Mac : QuickTime , MacVCD

Discreet Packaging

  • The products will NOT come with cases or covers to reduce the weight of the package and to protect the privacy of customers.
  • We'll mark the Title ID on the cd surface to identify the title you order.



  • Your information will be for internal use only, don't worry.